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Getting to know the Xembly Web App
Getting to know the Xembly Web App

Get an overview of the what the Xembly Web App has to offer.

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Use all of Xembly’s features and send requests to Xena without ever opening your Google Calendar or Slack with the Xembly Web App.

Overview of the Xembly Web App

  • Interact with your AI executive assistant on the go. You can use the Xembly Web App on any mobile device.

  • Interact with Xena just like you would in the Slack app or Extension chat. Just send Xena your request in the chat box at the bottom of the web page (you find this on any page of the Xembly Web App). Not sure where to get started? Check out “What is Xena and what can Xena do for me?”

  • View your chat history with Xena by clicking on the Xembly logo on the left side of the chat box.

  • Quickly review what meetings and blocks you have coming up with the calendar view on the Xembly Web App homepage.

  • Check out recent Summaries and suggestions from Xena in your Feed tab.

  • Review your tasks in the Tasks tab on the homepage of the Xembly Web App. You can mark them as “complete”, find time to work on the task by creating a reminder or Block Time, or select a date and time for the task.

  • Review any Summaries by clicking on the “Meeting Summaries” page (the second button down on the left of the screen). To review and edit the Summary and Action Items simply click on the meeting title. Keep everyone in the loop by sharing the Summary or publishing it to Google Docs or Confluence. Find a specific Summary quickly by filtering your feed by event date or participant.

  • Edit your settings and personalize your Xembly account on the “Settings” page (the third button down on the left of the screen). On this page, you can add your preferred video conferencing provider, set up your working hours, find your personal meeting link, and much more.

Ready to try it out?

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to log into the Xembly Web App.

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