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How do I edit an existing Summary?
How do I edit an existing Summary?

You can edit Recaps and Action Items with ease in the Xembly Extension.

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While Xembly is fully capable of producing accurate Summaries, you may feel the need to add context to the Recaps or Action Items before sharing with your colleagues.

How to edit an existing Summary:

  1. Open your Google Calendar and the Xembly Extension

  2. Find your Summary in the Xembly Extension Feed

  3. Click on the Edit icon at the top right of the panel

  4. Make any necessary edits to the Action Items (e.g. text, owner, deadline) and Recaps

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen

edit summary

Anyone with Summary enabled for the meeting will be able to make edits. However, only one person can edit at a time. If you forget to save your changes, the edit lock will expire after 20 minutes.

Watch out: If you did not request a Summary in advance or during the meeting, the editing permissions will be locked.

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