What is Xena and what can Xena do for me?

Learn about Xena, your personal AI assistant dedicated to supporting you across your everyday workstreams.

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Xena is Xembly's AI-powered chatbot. You can ask Xena for assistance with tasks as you would a human Chief of Staff or Executive Assistant. Xena's main goal is to make your life easier and more organized.

Here are four places you can access Xena:

  1. In the Xembly Web App.

  2. Inside your organization's Slack workspace.

  3. On Zoom, GMeet, and Teams video calls.

  4. In the Xembly Extension.

Here are a few of the most common use cases for Xena:

  1. Scheduling

  2. Summary (i.e. automated notetaking)

  3. Task Management

  4. Drafting and generative assistance

For scheduling, try something like:

  • "Schedule a 1:1 with @attendee and take notes."

  • "Find time for a team catch-up next week with @attendee @attendee @attendee."

  • "Reschedule my Draft Review this afternoon to Monday."

  • "Give me a list of times I'm free for 60 minutes early next month."

For tasks, try something like:

  • "Block 45 minutes before Friday to do OKRs"

  • "Remind me to circle back with Sales this afternoon"

  • “Create a task to add visuals to the Back to School article”

  • "Add focus time next week"

  • "What's on my Task list?"

    🧑‍🎨 Among other personalization options, you can customize the color and emojis of your reminders and Block Times in the “Personalization” section of the Xembly Extension.

For personal time, try something like:

  • "Add a 15 minute break this afternoon"

  • "Block time for lunch every day at noon"

  • "Create an all day meeting block tomorrow called DNS: Sick Day"

For creative assistance, try something like:

  • "Draft an email for me thanking employees for a week of hard work"

  • "Draft an agenda for a company all-hands focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion"

🤖 Pro tip from Xena: Have follow-up questions? Curious if I support a feature? Ping me on Slack! I'll give you whatever information I have, and connect you with my team as necessary.

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