Xembly Feed Recommendations

Learn what the common Xembly Feed Recommendations are within Slack and in the Xembly Extension.

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Summaries For Review

These are meetings you organized that have been processed and are ready for you to review, edit, and share.

Summaries For Review

Meeting Summary Added

These are meetings that have been shared with you. Any Action Items you were assigned in the meeting will be pushed to your Task List for completion.

Meeting Summary Added

Turn on Meeting Summary Recommendations

You will receive suggestions for upcoming meetings that don't have the Summary feature enabled. To choose a meeting for which you'd like notes, simply check the box next to the event title. To enable Summary for all suggested meetings, click "Turn on Summaries."

Turn on Meeting Summaries

Busy Day Recommendations

As Xena gets to know your schedule and detects that your calendar is filling up, Xena will automatically add breaks to help give you some breathing room.

Feedback Requested

Meeting organizers have the option of requesting feedback from attendees when they turn on Summary. You'll receive feedback requests via email and your extension.

Meeting Requested

When someone requests a meeting with you using your Scheduling Link, Xena will place a temporary hold on your calendar. To confirm the call, click “Let’s Meet!” in your feed.

Tips & Tricks

A reminder of a few things Xena can help with in any given week.

Tips & Tricks

Unread Messages

Unread messages in your feed will appear with normal color saturation, and messages you've reviewed will be grayed out. Click “Unread” at any time to limit your feed to items that haven't been reviewed yet.

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