How top performers use Xembly

Best practices for how top performers use Xembly to transform the way they work.

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Xembly users save on average 4-6 hours a week using Xembly for tasks like scheduling, taking meeting notes and noting Action Items, and managing their to-dos.

How to start your week

Top performers use Xembly to stay organized and proactively protect their time.

How to manage meetings

Top performers recognize that meetings can be critical points of team alignment or destructive time wasters with little actionable content.

How to manage interruptions

Top performers adapt to schedule changes without disrupting the entire flow of their workday.

  • Ask Xena to "set a reminder for time-sensitive document review" to get 15 minutes blocked off on your calendar.

  • Ask Xena to "reschedule my meeting at 4 pm today to next week."

Additional Resources

This article is one part of the Getting Started collection of help articles designed to onboard new users.

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