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How does Xembly handle task management?
How does Xembly handle task management?

Learn how Xembly manages tasks and Action Items across the Xembly Web App, the Extension, Slack, and your calendar.

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Xembly makes Action Item & task management simple and easy. With Xembly task management you are able to:

  • Create tasks manually in the Web App, Extension, or Slack.

  • Automatically turn Action Items from your Summaries into tasks.

  • Protect time on your calendar to execute these tasks with Block Times (default 60 mins) & reminders (15 mins).

Where to access your Task Manager

Web App (desktop)

On the homepage of your Xembly Web App, click on Tasks next to your Feed.

Web App (mobile)

Click the three lines at the top right of the mobile Web App homepage to expand the menu. Then, select Tasks.

Chrome Extension

To access your Task Manager, simply go to the Xembly Extension and click on the clipboard icon 📋 on the black panel.

How tasks are added to your Task Manager


Xembly captures Action Items inside of Summary. Summary-generated Action Items will show up as tasks in the Xembly Web App and Extension when the meeting is shared. Meeting organizers have the option to enable Auto-Share (which will send their Summary and Action Items to all invitees as soon as they're generated) or to edit the recipient list before sharing.

A task to "Check on Account Usage." The task was assigned as an Action Item in the event "4K Tiger Team" and is scheduled for 5/15/23 at 1:45 PM.

Action Items will not be transferred into other users' Task Lists until the Summary is shared.

Pro tip: When viewing Action Items in your Task List, click the hyperlinked meeting title to view the Summary in greater depth.


When you request a reminder or Block Time, Xena will add the item to both your calendar and your Task List. You can identify tasks that Xena added to your to-do list by scanning for "From: Xena."

Eddie Wang messages Xena on Slack, "Schedule a reminder for email review today." The message has a green checkmark emoji reaction. Xena replies, "I have scheduled a reminder for your email review today at 12:45 PM. If you would like to find a different time, please let me know.

After Xena creates the task, you can edit the task details directly from the Web App or in the Xembly Extension.

The task details page in the Xembly Extension for a reminder called "email review." The source is listed as "Xena" and it's scheduled for 6/27/23 at 12:45 PM.

Web App

You can generate your own tasks directly in the Xembly Web App by clicking the + at the top of the Task List. This flow allows you to quickly add items that come up throughout your day.

After you type the name of your task, hit “enter/return” on your keyboard to create the task. You will then have the options to set a due date and schedule a reminder or Block Time on your calendar.

Tasks you create manually in the Web App will not have Assignee or Source details.

Chrome Extension

Generate your own tasks directly in the Xembly Extension by clicking the “+” at the top of the Task List. This flow allows you to quickly add items that may come up.

Tasks you create in the Xembly Extension will not have a “From" field.

If you've typed in your task's name and selected either Set Block Time or Set Reminder, Xena will automatically add the item to your schedule.

If you wish to add an item to your Task List without creating a corresponding calendar item (in the form of a reminder or Block Time), type in the name of your task, hit "enter" on your keyboard, or click the checkmark in the Extension, and then select the "X" to the right of "Set Reminder."

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