How to use the Xembly Extension

Learn how to use Xembly's Chrome Extension to get more done.

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🤖 UPDATE 3/28/24: The Web App is now the default experience for engaging with all things Xena and Xembly. Have you tried it? It works on mobile...

How to Access the Xembly Extension

The Xembly Extension overlays your Google Calendar and can be accessed when your calendar is open.

Depending on how your settings are defined in the Preferences section of the Extension, the Xembly Extension will appear visible or hidden at different times.

Auto Open (and Close)

When you launch your calendar, the Xembly Extension will automatically open on the right-hand side of the screen.

Depending on your settings, this tab will also collapse back to the right side after a period of no interaction. This can be adjusted in your Setting Preferences.

The Xembly Extension will also open if you interact with a Calendar event (as long as “Keep Panel Hidden” is toggled “off” in Setting Preferences). Here's some more information about changing the visibility settings for the Xembly Extension.

If your Settings have "Keep Panel Hidden" toggled to "on," your panel will be kept closed unless you actively open it. You can open your panel by selecting the Xembly icon on the Google Chrome Application bar or the arrow on the right sidebar.

Show or hide the extension

Learn more about how to show & hide the Xembly Extension.

Using the Xembly Feed

The Xembly Feed within the Xembly Extension is your home base. It allows you to quickly access important information and customized recommendations brought to you by Xena.

What should you expect to see?

  • Summaries for Review

  • Meeting Summaries Added

  • Turn on Meeting Summary Recommendations

  • Feedback Requested

  • Meeting Requested

  • Unread Messages

  • Task Cards

These cards will have prompts that allow you to take action immediately. For a complete list of recommendations, see our article on Xembly Feed Recommendations.

Navigating your Task List

Your task management feed can be found by clicking on the clipboard icon at the top of the Xembly Extension navigation menu.

This landing page will allow you to quickly access all tasks, open or completed. You can toggle between completion states at the top of the Xembly Extension. For more information, see how to manage your tasks in the Xembly Extension.

How are tasks generated on this list?

Tasks can be added to this list in three ways:

  • Summary-generated: Xembly captures Action Items with every Summary that is generated. These tasks will only show on the Task List if the meeting is shared.

  • Xena-generated: If you message Xena by Xembly on Slack or via the Extension and request that a reminder or Block Time be created, the item will be added to both your calendar and your Task List for easier management. If you don’t want a reminder or Block Time added to your calendar but still want to add the item to your Task List, just say something like, “Create a task to reply to Sandra’s email.”

  • User-generated: You can generate your own ad-hoc Action Items directly through the Xembly Extension by selecting the "+" icon at the top of the navigation bar. This workflow will allow you to quickly add items that come up throughout your day.

What can you do with these tasks?

  • Schedule reminders & block time directly on your calendar.

  • Manage your existing tasks by adjusting the date/times and duration, or find a new time in one click!

  • Mark the tasks complete.

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