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How to change your default Xembly Extension visibility settings
How to change your default Xembly Extension visibility settings

Learn how to change your default Xembly Extension visibility settings for easy access.

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๐Ÿค– UPDATE 3/28/24: The Web App is now the default experience for engaging with all things Xena and Xembly. Have you tried it? It works on mobile...

To view and update your Xembly Extension visibility default settings:

  1. Open the Xembly Extension through your Google Calendar

  2. Click on the gear icon to access โš™๏ธ Settings

  3. Open the dropdown for Preferences and scroll down to Panel Settings

  4. There are two toggle options:

    • Keep Panel Hidden: This setting will keep your Extension hidden unless you manually open it.

    • Auto Hide Panel: This setting will auto-open the Xembly Extension when calendar events are clicked. The Extension will auto-close if no action has been taken in the allotted time.

      • When this option is toggled on, you will have access to a drop-down menu to select the length of time the panel will remain open. The options range from 5-60 seconds. By default, it is set to 10 seconds.

A screenshot of the Xembly Extension, open to the "Panel Settings" tab. The option to "Keep Panel Hidden on/off" is toggled OFF. The option to "Auto Hide Panel on/off" is toggled ON. There is a drop-down menu beneath this toggle listing options in intervals of 5 sections from 5 - 30 seconds, then an option for 60 seconds.

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