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How do I schedule a meeting in a Slack channel with Xena?
How do I schedule a meeting in a Slack channel with Xena?

Mention @Xena or use /xena to schedule a meeting in a Slack channel

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Scheduling with Xena inside Slack channels is easily done by mentioning @Xena in any channel that Xena has been invited into.

Invite Xena

If you're using Xena in a channel for the first time, you'll need to invite Xena to the channel.

1. Navigate to the channel to which you'd like to add Xena

2. Send a message that says, "@Xena by Xembly"

3. Slack will prompt you to add Xena

4. Once you add Xena to the channel, you can tag @Xena by Xembly to start making requests.


To make a scheduling request for the whole channel, ping something like:

  • @Xena by Xembly schedule [meeting name] with @here

  • @Xena by Xembly when is @channel free for 30 minutes?

To make a scheduling request with a subset of the channel, simply tag them in your request:

  • @Xena by Xembly when could @Mark @Sarah and I meet next week? Give options in Eastern Time

Pro Tip: To finalize the details of your request without your team seeing the dialogue with Xena, use the command /xena instead. This will prompt you to complete your request in your DM with Xena before the final result is posted to the channel. For more information, see How to use Xena "Slash Commands" in Slack.

Modify Request

Need to move or cancel your request? You can always reply in the thread to make modifications. Just make sure to tag Xena back in.

FYI: You can also schedule with Xena in group messages. However, you cannot add Xena to an existing group message. You will need to start a new group and add Xena as a member.

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