How to use Xena "Slash Commands" in Slack

Seamlessly interact with Xena in DMs, group chats, and channels with /xena

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With the /xena command, you can engage with Xena in existing DMs, group chats, and channels, even if Xena hasn't been added.

How to use /xena in any DM, group chat, or channel:

  1. Go to the DM, group message, or channel where you’d like Xena to complete a request

  2. Write “/xena” followed by your request

    1. Note: Xena can only read request details that come after “/xena”. For ideas of what to ask Xena, check out this article.

Xena will send a message that is only visible to you to let you know that the request is being processed. A link will be included in this message to continue the conversation with Xena in your DMs if necessary.

When the request has finished processing, Xena’s response will appear for everyone in the DM, group message, or channel to see. The original request and who made it will also be visible.

Note: Other members of the group message or channel will only see the original request and will not see any follow-ups from the DM channel with Xena.

Watch out: You can’t use “/xena” in threads (yet). Each request needs to be a new message.

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