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Introducing the NEW Xena by Xembly Slack App
Introducing the NEW Xena by Xembly Slack App
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Xembly is excited to announce a new experience for Xembly users - with more skills and functionality to better support you.

This article will help you get acquainted with the new functionality and direct you on how to get started.

Overview of Xena's New Skills

🎨 Creative Support through Generative AI: Need fresh ideas for a project you're working on? Just ask Xena something like: "Give me 10 ideas for sales enablement," and Xena will be able to provide creative suggestions. Read this article for more ideas on how to use Xena’s generative AI capabilities.

🔄 Seamless Sequential Asks: Easily build on your requests!

For example, say, "Summarize your ideas for sales enablement and draft an email," and then follow up with, "Draft an agenda based on your email," and even "Book a meeting with @Lucy next week and include the agenda." Xena will handle each request with ease.

🗓️ Effortless Meeting Bookings: You’ll no longer need to hop between channels to schedule meetings. You can now book meetings directly in any channel and include all the channel participants effortlessly. Simply invite Xena into the channel (check out this article to learn more about inviting Xena into your Slack channel) and try something like "@Xena by Xembly Schedule a check-in meeting next Friday with @channel."

⏰ Enhanced Scheduling: Our improved scheduling feature can handle more complex scheduling needs, ensuring a seamless scheduling experience. Learn more about Xena’s scheduling capabilities here.

📝 Topic Bound Note-Taking: Take more focused and succinct notes with our latest Summary model. Xena will capture key Action Items tied to specific topics, making it easier to stay organized and take meaningful action. Check out our articles about Xena’s improved Summary feature.

Ready to Upgrade?

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to connect to the Xena by Xembly Slack App.

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