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Have Xena display your Task List on command
Have Xena display your Task List on command

Ping Xena in Slack to review your Task List while you're working or on the go.

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You can review your Task List in Slack with a simple ping to Xena.

Try asking something like, “What's on my task list?” Xena will respond with all of your open tasks and offer next steps, such as scheduling time on your calendar for open items and marking completed tasks as "Done."

If you'd like to schedule a reminder, block time, or "Complete" a task, simply reply to Xena with directions. Make sure to reference your task with the number Xena provided. Try something like "Can you mark #1 as complete?"

Pro tip: Review your Task List with Xena on the Slack mobile app or the mobile Xembly Web App when you're away from your computer.

Ready to keep organizing? Try reviewing your calendar with Xena.

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