What is Xembly?

An overview of Xembly: the company, the product, the vision.

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Xembly: Your AI Chief of Staff

Xembly is an all-in-one assistant that improves enterprise productivity. It accurately automates and closes the loop on meaningful work, like capturing accurate meeting notes and Action Items, holding teams accountable for meeting task completion, scheduling meetings, managing priorities, and optimizing schedules.

Xembly works primarily through three means:

  1. The Xembly Web App - The Web App can be used on your preferred web browser on any device to access any of Xembly's features.

  2. Xena - Dedicated AI assistant with natural language capabilities who works across Slack, the Xembly Web App, and Extension.

  3. The Xembly Extension - The Xembly Chrome Extension works alongside your Google Calendar.

For a quick overview of Xembly's capabilities, check out this one-minute video overview:

To try Xembly for yourself, request a demo at xembly.com. If your company has been pre-approved, you will receive immediate instructions on how to get started upon signup.

Xembly: The Company

Xembly is led by a team of technology veterans based primarily in the Greater Seattle area with decades of experience bringing innovative AI-based technology to market.

Backed by well-respected VCs and angel investors, the Xembly team leverages the latest in both generally available AI including OpenAI's GPT algorithms (i.e. the platform behind ChatGPT) as well as proprietary data and algorithms to build a highly refined solution for the workplace.

Additional Resources

This article is one part of the Getting Started collection of help articles designed to onboard new users.

To explore tutorial content for the full breadth of Xembly, visit the Help Center homepage. From there, you can search for any topic or navigate to the appropriate collection.

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