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How can I invite others to use Xembly?
How can I invite others to use Xembly?

Help others be present, purposeful, and do their best work by spreading the word about Xembly.

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You can invite others to use Xembly by sharing this sign-up link.

If we are already working with the invitees’ company, they will receive instructions on how to join their team on Xembly upon signing up.

Xembly is optimized for Google Workspace and Google Enterprise accounts, with support coming soon for Microsoft accounts.

Invitees who don’t use Google Workspace or Google Enterprise or whose company isn’t using Xembly yet will be invited to join the Xembly waitlist. A Xembly team member will reach out once we are ready to onboard them.

If you need any further information, please reach out to your Xembly Customer Success representative or drop us an email at “team AT xembly DOT com.”

Thank you for sharing Xembly!

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