How can I adjust Xena's voice?

Instructions for changing Xena's personality

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Let's talk about adjusting Xena's 'personality.'

Xena's (currently experimental) persona feature allows you to adjust the voice Xena uses when responding to your requests. We're currently trialing options ranging from classic movie characters to regional dialects. You can test out these voices by adjusting Xena's personality via the Xembly Extension and making a request in Slack.

To adjust Xena’s personality:

  • Visit

  • Open the Xembly Extension on the top right corner of your browser

  • Click the gear icon to open Settings ⚙️

  • Click on “Account Personalization”

  • Scroll down to “Xena Personality”

Choose one of the following personas:

  • Xena

  • Gollum

  • Hippie

  • Jar Jar Binks

  • Mr. T

  • Ned Flanders

  • New Yorker

  • Pirate

  • Poet

  • Shakespeare

  • Southern belle

  • Valley Girl

  • Yoda

Please keep in mind that Xena’s personality feature is still experimental. Xena may sometimes converse with you in a standard “Xena” tone.

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